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Hope – Wish – Dream

For as long as I remember me and my parents have gone to America for holidays (more specifically Walt Disney World), it really is my favourite place in the world. I’m not joking all I think about is going backto America. We were actually going to emergrate when I was about 7, but it never came off. Needless to say now I’m older I’m definitely upset about that. IMG_0874

Going to America has definitely influenced what I want to do this year and also well with my life. I’m a musical theatre student so working at disney as a character performer is something that I want to do this is obviously influenced by the constant holidays to the US. To work in the US however I’m going I need a work permit and to actually live over there first. For this I need money, so I will new to spend a lot of this year working to get money to be able to fullfill this dream. I think I would enjoy being an air hostess, although this is a very hard job to get into these days. I know You can do seasonal work with some airlines over here that I’m going to look in to.

If all this falls into fruition I have dance to fall back on. I know I would also enjoy teaching dance even though this is not ULTIMATELY what I want to do. I will need to get my teaching quals which I am already working towards. Something I think would be good to have aswell is Zumba quals and also boqwa which is a new craze going around. I would probs teach this on the side to gain extra income.

So im thinking about this because really i don’t no whether i want to be in another 3 years of training if my hearts not fully in it. Don’t get me wrong i love musical theatre, and i love doing shows i just .. well basically .. i don’t no, i just want to know what else is out there really and see what i can do. I don’t want to feel like iv missed out on what the world has to offer.

Anna x


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