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TASSIMO order unboxing

IT ARRIVED! so excited! my Tassimo order has arrived after waiting a week or so. As i said in my post about my TASSIMO T40 when you buy a Tassimo machine you recieve a £20 off voucher (with a £25 minimum spend) so we ordered some drinks, and there here! 

So heres some pictures of the unboxing. They came in this big box and inside were in smaller boxes. Good packaging i thought?

Before & After Unboxing

Before & After Unboxing


So here is what we ordered..

Two Fruit Teas

Two Fruit Teas

Chai Latte & Caramel Machiato

Chai Latte & Caramel Machiato

2 x Costa Latte

So i haven’t tryed any yet but soon as i do i will update you on what i think! Do you have a coffee machine?? What’s your favourite drink??

Anna x





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