TASSIMO order unboxing

IT ARRIVED! so excited! my Tassimo order has arrived after waiting a week or so. As i said in my post about my TASSIMO T40 when you buy a Tassimo machine you recieve a £20 off voucher (with a £25 minimum spend) so we ordered some drinks, and there here! 

So heres some pictures of the unboxing. They came in this big box and inside were in smaller boxes. Good packaging i thought?

Before & After Unboxing

Before & After Unboxing


So here is what we ordered..

Two Fruit Teas

Two Fruit Teas

Chai Latte & Caramel Machiato

Chai Latte & Caramel Machiato

2 x Costa Latte

So i haven’t tryed any yet but soon as i do i will update you on what i think! Do you have a coffee machine?? What’s your favourite drink??

Anna x





Home Comforts

I needed an airing so went on a little shopping trip into town. Lately all i have been buying is homeware kind of stuff, little nick-nacks to go in my room, that sort of thing. You’d think i have my own house  with rooms to fill with stuff with the amount of purchases iv been making… Anyway i went with a list and i was successful!

The first thing i got were two candles both from Primark and were just £2 each!
photo 1 They are a really good size and have a really strong scent for such cheap candles!
I have not yet burned them so will reserve judgement on how strong the scent is when burnt.
The scents are Elderflower & Champange, it has a really fresh and calming smell.
Also Raspberry & Papaya, this is fruity but not to sickly sweet, very nice!

The next thing i purchased was a new handsanitiser from The Body Shop just £2.50
photo 2 I have loved these for a while, i use hand gel alot as i hate feeling ‘mucky’. These Body Shop ones have such a great scent to them taking away from that strong alcohol smell.

I enjoy this satsuma scent and also the pink grapefruit is really nice!

So the last things i purchased were two new bubble baths! YES! You can’t imagine my joy when i went into Boots to find Philosophy bubble baths on offer for £3.50!!! originally £14!!! BARGIN
photo 3 So i picked up Candy Cane Shampoo/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath, this has such a strong peppermint smell but its not to over powering for me as i love mint, can’t wait to try it!

The other one is Holly Berry Bubbly which is just a bubble bath, as this is just the bubble bath im hoping this will produce the bigger bubbles im hoping for in my bath! heres hoping!

So im guessing these were SO reduced because they were the holiday range BUT WHO CARES! So very excited to test them and report back!

SO, there you go guys! a few purchases i made, if you want to read more posts like this let me know! i’d love to know what home comforts you enjoy!

Anna x

Bath Time

So lately i have gained a bit of an obsession with having bubble baths. They are so relaxing and just allow me to take some time away from the stresses of the day. So we are really lucky that we have a HUGE bath, i mean HUGE look…
photo 2
So my bubble bath of choice at the moment is Philosophy Melon Daiquiri

It smells so good! i run a big dollap of it under the tap when my bath has run for a bit and it produces massive bubbles.


In the interest of making it even more relaxing i light some candles just to get me in the bubble bath mood. Ones iv been burning recently are a Yankee Candle in the scent River Valley (smells like abercrombie&fitch) and a cute little candle that was a holiday gift off a  friend (don’t no the scent buts its very fresh).

                                                                                                photo 3

So this is what i do, what do you use in your baths? HAPPY BATHING

photo 1

Anna x


So my tea/coffee addiction has finally been taking to a new level with my purchasing of the TASSIMO T40. It was really easy to set up, i read through the instructions literally once and bobs your uncle, you had to run water through it once just to filter it and then it was ready for use.


The ‘pods’ you put in it you can buy from most supermarkets and run from about £3.69 to about £5. When you buy the Tassimo machine you get £20 free to spend on the website, with £25 minimum spend and then £5 postage and packing, with i think isn’t to shabby and we’ve got a large order on the way.

We bought some pods to keep us going we got some costa americano ones, which were nice although a bit bitter when it came to the last drop. We also bought some cappacino ones today..
They come with a milk pod and then the espresso pod. Haven’t tryed these yet to do not have a verdict. Im looking to get a stand to hold the pod that will fit neatly in the kitchen. They run about £15-£30 depented on how many pods they hold.

I love my coffee machine so far and look forward to using it till the cows come home.. MOO

Anna x

Happy Easter! baking addition

today i undertook a mammoth challenge of baking 4 different types of biscuits to package up and give to everyone as a little easter gift from me!
My little boxes ready to go!… NOW BAKE

5 hours later…
i completed my tea time biscuit selection Custard Creams, Digestives and Jammy Dodgers!

OMG GUYS.. OREO STUFFED COOKIES (my other batch of cookies) just about the best things EVER!
photo 1

So there you have it baking day completed, hope everyone has a nice easter filled with family, friends and chocolate!

Anna x


So im not even 18 yet but already throughout my life iv had a constant battle with myself over my weight and the way i look. When i was younger i was never horribly fat or over weight, i guess i just had ‘chubby’ periods and many children probably do. So this has carried on till now, i am always aware of my body and my weight because of the profession iv been training for (musical theatre, performance etc) because its all about how you look really. I consider myself to be on a constant diet really with days where i ‘cheat’ and eat WHATEVER i want. I exercise alot i dance nearly everyday and also recently, id say in the past year i have been going out for runs maybe 2-4 a week. This has caused changes in my body, some i like, some… not so much. I also do alot of exercise videos & DVDS. I guess i consider myself to be pretty healthy.

So normally i don’t really do the ‘Lent’ thing. This year though with me having a year out, setting projects & challenges for myself etc. i decided i would set myself the challenge and see how well my willpower lasted.
So heres the list of foods i decided to give up:
Chocolate (standard lent item)
White Bread
Cakes & Cookies

Why these i hear you ask!? well i looked at it as giving up things i eat to much of when i have ‘cheat days’ that i suppose i kind of binge out on. So for the first two weeks it went really well and i managed to with stand the cravings, although to be honest i didn’t really have that many. Seen as most of the things i cut out were sweet i did begin to have sweet cravings so i decided that i would allow myself to have sweets just not chocolate. BUT malteser bunnies arrived in shops… i couldnt control myself and i had to have one! i felt very ashamed, BUT this is the only thing iv had like the ONLY thing.

I therefore i have survived and i have really felt the benefits. I have lost weight and my skin has gone much better from not eating chocolate. Now even when im given the chance to have any of these i have stayed away. I see this as a step forward in my healthy lifestyle and i hope no i WILL keep it up… with the occasional malteser bunny 😉

Anna x