Hope – Wish – Dream

For as long as I remember me and my parents have gone to America for holidays (more specifically Walt Disney World), it really is my favourite place in the world. I’m not joking all I think about is going backto America. We were actually going to emergrate when I was about 7, but it never came off. Needless to say now I’m older I’m definitely upset about that. IMG_0874

Going to America has definitely influenced what I want to do this year and also well with my life. I’m a musical theatre student so working at disney as a character performer is something that I want to do this is obviously influenced by the constant holidays to the US. To work in the US however I’m going I need a work permit and to actually live over there first. For this I need money, so I will new to spend a lot of this year working to get money to be able to fullfill this dream. I think I would enjoy being an air hostess, although this is a very hard job to get into these days. I know You can do seasonal work with some airlines over here that I’m going to look in to.

If all this falls into fruition I have dance to fall back on. I know I would also enjoy teaching dance even though this is not ULTIMATELY what I want to do. I will need to get my teaching quals which I am already working towards. Something I think would be good to have aswell is Zumba quals and also boqwa which is a new craze going around. I would probs teach this on the side to gain extra income.

So im thinking about this because really i don’t no whether i want to be in another 3 years of training if my hearts not fully in it. Don’t get me wrong i love musical theatre, and i love doing shows i just .. well basically .. i don’t no, i just want to know what else is out there really and see what i can do. I don’t want to feel like iv missed out on what the world has to offer.

Anna x


Bridging the Gap

So here goes…! A start to my blogging journey. Hi guys! My name is anna I live in Manchester, England have done for the whole 18 years of my life. I am a musical theatre student and love it with a whole lot of my heart. At this time in my life I am coming to the end of my two year course at Pendleton college and can honestly say its been the most enjoyable two years I think I can say of my life! Iv meet some great people that I know I will stay in touch with for life.

So this year iv been auditioning for all the big drama schools that are mostly situated in London, unfortunately with no success. They are so hard to get into, you just have to be what there looking for. So what are you going to do now, I hear you say? Well this is we’re the blog comes in… I don’t no. There are so many things I want to do and experience I just don’t no where to start. ( ill probably make another blog post about my aims and wishes after this first initial one) its safe to say there some pretty big wishes though..!

So I plan to keep this blog as a kind of following me and what adventures I encounter on this unplanned year out! Enjoy!

Anna x