Bath Time

So lately i have gained a bit of an obsession with having bubble baths. They are so relaxing and just allow me to take some time away from the stresses of the day. So we are really lucky that we have a HUGE bath, i mean HUGE look…
photo 2
So my bubble bath of choice at the moment is Philosophy Melon Daiquiri

It smells so good! i run a big dollap of it under the tap when my bath has run for a bit and it produces massive bubbles.


In the interest of making it even more relaxing i light some candles just to get me in the bubble bath mood. Ones iv been burning recently are a Yankee Candle in the scent River Valley (smells like abercrombie&fitch) and a cute little candle that was a holiday gift off a  friend (don’t no the scent buts its very fresh).

                                                                                                photo 3

So this is what i do, what do you use in your baths? HAPPY BATHING

photo 1

Anna x