So im not even 18 yet but already throughout my life iv had a constant battle with myself over my weight and the way i look. When i was younger i was never horribly fat or over weight, i guess i just had ‘chubby’ periods and many children probably do. So this has carried on till now, i am always aware of my body and my weight because of the profession iv been training for (musical theatre, performance etc) because its all about how you look really. I consider myself to be on a constant diet really with days where i ‘cheat’ and eat WHATEVER i want. I exercise alot i dance nearly everyday and also recently, id say in the past year i have been going out for runs maybe 2-4 a week. This has caused changes in my body, some i like, some… not so much. I also do alot of exercise videos & DVDS. I guess i consider myself to be pretty healthy.

So normally i don’t really do the ‘Lent’ thing. This year though with me having a year out, setting projects & challenges for myself etc. i decided i would set myself the challenge and see how well my willpower lasted.
So heres the list of foods i decided to give up:
Chocolate (standard lent item)
White Bread
Cakes & Cookies

Why these i hear you ask!? well i looked at it as giving up things i eat to much of when i have ‘cheat days’ that i suppose i kind of binge out on. So for the first two weeks it went really well and i managed to with stand the cravings, although to be honest i didn’t really have that many. Seen as most of the things i cut out were sweet i did begin to have sweet cravings so i decided that i would allow myself to have sweets just not chocolate. BUT malteser bunnies arrived in shops… i couldnt control myself and i had to have one! i felt very ashamed, BUT this is the only thing iv had like the ONLY thing.

I therefore i have survived and i have really felt the benefits. I have lost weight and my skin has gone much better from not eating chocolate. Now even when im given the chance to have any of these i have stayed away. I see this as a step forward in my healthy lifestyle and i hope no i WILL keep it up… with the occasional malteser bunny 😉

Anna x