So my tea/coffee addiction has finally been taking to a new level with my purchasing of the TASSIMO T40. It was really easy to set up, i read through the instructions literally once and bobs your uncle, you had to run water through it once just to filter it and then it was ready for use.


The ‘pods’ you put in it you can buy from most supermarkets and run from about £3.69 to about £5. When you buy the Tassimo machine you get £20 free to spend on the website, with £25 minimum spend and then £5 postage and packing, with i think isn’t to shabby and we’ve got a large order on the way.

We bought some pods to keep us going we got some costa americano ones, which were nice although a bit bitter when it came to the last drop. We also bought some cappacino ones today..
They come with a milk pod and then the espresso pod. Haven’t tryed these yet to do not have a verdict. Im looking to get a stand to hold the pod that will fit neatly in the kitchen. They run about £15-£30 depented on how many pods they hold.

I love my coffee machine so far and look forward to using it till the cows come home.. MOO

Anna x